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BOATMASTER 11950 Amedicus Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33907

On the Floor

From its people to its processes, BOATMASTER has the best. We employ highly qualified assemblers, fabricators and welders to build our trailers, and we train these individuals the BOATMASTER way to get the job done--on time and to specification.

In the Field

Customers love their BOATMASTER trailers. Extensive feedback from professionals in the field confirms BOATMASTER's reputation for building quality, reliable trailers that hold up to the individual demands of each customer.

For the long haul

BOATMASTER's commitment doesn't end at the sale. We offer warranty and service support. And because we build it right from the start, our customers incur fewer costs in replacement and maintenance.

Since 1980, BOATMASTER has been building the ultimate fully submersible all-aluminum boat trailer, for the boating enthusiast who demands uncompromising quality.  BOATMASTER is a US company, owned by US citizens whose goal is to maintain the American quality of life.  Hard work and dedication has led to the development of one of the finest trailer products on the market.   Our trailers have been and always will be made right here in the United States.  

Over the past 32 years, BOATMASTER Trailers has placed a large emphasis on using components made and assembled in the United States. At BOATMASTER, we feel that it is vital to support local and small businesses as well as our Armed Forces.  We are proud to say that over 80% of the major components found on a Boatmaster Trailer have been manufactured or assembled here in the United States.